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Why the world
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You have the resources. And we know our stuff. Together, we’ll discover the intersection between what you care about and what moves the world forward. Fight extreme poverty, slow climate change, improve animal welfare, stabilize democracy, or help manage existential threats to humankind ? You can do all these things and more.

This is how
we get started.
And go forward

First, we identify your individual philanthropic profile, respectively that of your foundation or company, and work out which issues concern you the most. Then, topic by topic, we research which measures make particular sense and which nonprofit organizations are demonstrably effective.

We benefit from our close exchange with international research groups and our anchoring in "Effective Altruism". This gives us access to studies that prove that some organizations can be up to 100 times more effective than others. is not a business model, but a change model. Our goal is to move as much money as possible, in line with your priorities, to projects that are as impactful as possible. Once our work—profiling, research, advising, monitoring, reporting—is covered, all profits are donated to charity.