Doing good
well done.

Why the world

needs you.

And us


You have the money. And we know our stuff. Together, we discover the intersection between what you care about and what actually moves the world forward. For example, fighting extreme poverty, slowing climate change, improving animal welfare, or stabilizing democracy.

This is how

we get started.

And go forward


First, we identify your individual philanthropic profile and work out which issues concern you the most. Then, topic by topic, we research which measures make particular sense and which nonprofit organizations are demonstrably effective.

In doing so, we benefit from our close exchange with international think tanks. This gives us access to research that is growing daily, be it on the relevance of individual topics, the effectiveness of different measures or the performance of organizations on the ground.

legacies.now is not a business model, but a change model. Our goal is to move as much money as possible along your priorities to as impactful projects as possible. In doing so, our work must of course be paid for, otherwise it cannot take place. However, if we generate any profits, we donate them.


And this is

what can

come of it


Together with our partners, we were active in a whole range of topics in 2020. To achieve really big things, we also made some bets - all of which paid off.

Impact 2020