A current

Under the headline "Well-intentioned well done!" Christian Conrad talks to Stefan Shaw about philanthropy, the social sector and why you should think carefully also about what you are not doing at the moment. Caveat: The discussion takes place exclusively in German.

Podcast topics and timecodes:

  • The relevant currency in the social sector: impact (02:20)
  • Self-righteousness in the German foundation system (04:35)
  • What exactly does legacies.now do? (09:42)
  • What does "giving forward" mean instead of giving back (11:57)
  • Why "now" instead of later? (13:13)
  • Doing good and talking about it: What are the benefits? (14:50)
  • Who is the target audience for legacies.now? (18:55)
  • Role models in USA and Germany (19:40)
  • Differences between Germany and USA (24:25)
  • Is the foundation system changing in Germany? (25:20)
  • How old are our clients and what drives them? (26:45)
  • Are the "new heirs" actually doing more philanthropy? (30:03)
  • How are corporate culture and philanthropy related? (32:35)
  • What connects our clients? (35:50)
  • The importance of trust in counseling (37:15)
  • Philanthropy: abandonment or fulfillment? (39:52)
  • Philanthropy counseling: profession or vocation? (45:30)
  • Our partners are our energizers (49:29)
  • What to do now? (51:25)