How do I start donating effectively?



There is only one definition of success for Moving as much money as possible to as effective organizations as possible! And that in subject areas that are really relevant. So our goal is to maximize impact - not to maximize revenue or profit (should any arise, it will be donated).

To achieve your and our goals, there are several ways. One of them always fits.

I. The structured strategy process

Here we agree on a sequence of a total of 8 workshops, which we already present in detail in advance: What should happen in the course of about 9 months in each individual workshop and what will we achieve in each case? On this path, we will first work out together what drives and concerns you philanthropically. We will then discuss what we believe the world particularly needs today and thus identify the topics, measures and finally concrete funding recommendations that are particularly relevant to you.

Ultimately, your philanthropic strategy is formulated in detail and ready for implementation. We make sure that you have all the information and sources you need to implement your strategy yourself - or have it implemented by a new foundation, for example. Important: If it "somehow doesn't fit", you can interrupt or end the process after each workshop, without any further obligation. However, we have not yet experienced this.

II. The flexible accompaniment

Not everyone can assess in advance whether a full strategy process is the right thing to do. Maybe there is a lack of time resources - or the cooperation should be tested in small steps first. So if you want to start a bit more cautiously, "flexible accompaniment" is the solution. We always define the next milestone together and work our way forward step by step.

Maybe you will only have one or two detailed conversations, in which a lot - and therefore enough - is already clarified for you. Or maybe it will be several workshops on key issues that are particularly close to your heart. Or maybe we simply continue to work together on demand, in order to clarify questions that arise and to take current developments into account.

For you, every step remains transparent: We document our services in an electronic "timesheet" to which you have access. This gives you a detailed insight into our work in real time and you are always up to date on what is happening and what costs are being incurred.

III. The focused individual workshop

Sometimes time resources are very tight in the long run - but at the same time it is already clear where the thematic focus of your philanthropic engagement should be. What's missing is a crisp process to come to a decision - and quickly.

In this scenario, we can also arrange for a one-time 2-day workshop. We will then present exactly this topic area from our perspective and discuss with you which measures are particularly effective here and which organizations are doing outstanding work from our point of view. In the end, we will come up with one or more funding recommendations that can be implemented immediately.

It goes without saying that on this path we largely draw on existing recommendations and documentation from our work with other partners. But that's exactly the charm: Everyone wins, because additional resources are moved with little effort to the organizations that have already passed our exacting filter.

IV. The instant donation

If it should go still faster and you want to do without an individual support, then there is also for it a solution: On the platform a selection of highly effective projects is presented and you can place your donation immediately. We work closely with and rate the organizations presented there as recommendable.